Rotational Moulding Machine

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:Benfan
Shaping Mode:rotomolding
Product Material:Aluminium
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Product Details

Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

Brand Name:Benfan

Model Number:xx

Shaping Mode:rotomolding

Product Material:Aluminium

Product:Household Appliance

Item No.:DY-1600ZC


layout:straight line

productivity:high/rotomolding machine

MOQ:1 set/rotomolding machine


delivery time:WITHIN 60 DAYS



Product Type:rotational molding machine

Supply Ability

Supply Ability:10 Set/Sets per Year

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:naked with plastic strap/rotomolding machine


Lead Time :Within 60 days/rotomolding machine

Product Introduction

Shuttle style rotational molding machine is placed along a straight line with oven and two mainframes in tis center.Cooling chamber and loading station in both sides.When a beam on one side rotating a model into the oven to get heated,the other beam will stop aside to load or change beams.

In this way, the operation is flexiable for manufacturing comparatively large product. Even for comparatively small product,productivity is high. Besides, equipment is relatively simple and easy to be maintained. At present, this kind of rotational molding machine is broadly used in our country.


Technical parameters

Quick Details


1.Shut oven along with optimized pressured air circulation with regard to standard heating system associated with mould

2.Automation associated with doorway starting,shutting&turret indexing.

3.Fuel Energy efficient with Italian package along with auto ignition.

4.Heat,RPM as well as Period of cycle managed through progress manage control panel.

5.Very Low cycle timing with greatest manufacturing.

6.Made to create Dual Coating(layer),Multiple Coating as well as Protected Tanks.

7.Able with regard to generating tanks within much less material due to actually submission associated with materials.

8.Durable L Arm as well as direct straight Arm.

9.Absolutely no within procedure being rejected.

10.Reduced Fuel Energy&electrical power cost.Environmentally friendly burners ideal for LPG/CNG/OIL/Duel energy sources

11.Thoroughly clean operating atmosphere

12.Machine regulates include required interlocking,security products,safety devices along with indications as well as security alarm.

Minor Axis Control by Auto Reverse Forward Panel

Control Panel has electronic indications,heat controller,timer&progress automation signal,AC Drives with regard to whole procedure management&just about all required security functions.Natural powder covered electric control panel along with dirt proof&along with switch gears.AC Drives associated with most respected allows for just about all small&main axes with regard to precise speed manage.



Q: What payment ways do you accept?

A: You can pay us by T/T, PayPal, and West Union.

Q: What is your delivery time?

A: It is in 3-5 working days since the payment confirmed. If your order is over 3000pcs, we need 10 days.

Q: How is your quality assurance service?

A: 24 months quality guarantee.

Q: Could we make a visit to your factory?

A: Yes, you are welcomed.

Q:How long is the delivery time?

A:It depends on the product usually. It takes 15-30 Days.

Please contact us:+86 21 3116 6566 for further information.

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