Food and beverages can stay cool or warm for 5-7 hours. If you use an ice pack with the bag, you can extend the cooling time.

The bag is made of high-quality 600D polyester, which is durable and lightweight, and the inner lining is easy to clean with a damp cloth. The main compartment of the bag has a zipper closure for quick and safe access.

There is a transparent zippered PVC bag on the top of the bag, and a mesh bag at both ends of the bag. Both bags are very suitable for storing small items such as keys or mobile phones. The easy-to-carry adjustable shoulder strap is comfortable and strong. The cool bag is also equipped with a practical Velcro strap that can be fixed to the bicycle handlebar.

This cool bag is the perfect companion to spend an idyllic day with family and friends and enjoy a great time outdoors. The compact cold storage bag is easy to transport, can be used outdoors, and is easy to store.

main feature:

Lightweight and compact-easy to transport and made of lightweight materials.

Multifunctional-ideal for camping sites, beach excursions, and even festive celebrations.

Fully insulated-it has a fully insulated main compartment for food or beverages.

5-7 hours-Keep food and drinks cool or warm for 5-7 hours.

Practical-12 liters cool bag is equipped with a practical Velcro strap, which can be fixed to the bicycle handlebar.

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